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Skip Tracing/Locating Services


In today's internet driven world it is nearly impossible to not leave an evidence trail of your existence or whereabouts. A thorough data base and media research invariably results in hard evidence as well as contextual clues which are then vetted for their veracity and combined with other leads to develop solid info.


We offer Skip Trace Services in two main levels: Basic Skip Tracing and more intense (as well as more expensive) Private Investigative Searches.

Basic Skip Tracing - Subject Locates: Performed by trained office personnel and are generally used for smaller debts and to locate people who are not necessarily hiding but may be buried a little bit and leaving very few breadcrumbs along the trail.

Private Investigators:  Generally used for larger cases and for individuals or Companies who have shown a knack for making themselves invisible to the general public. Private Investigators are authorized to conduct surveillance and have other tools available to them that Process Serving Agencies are not afforded; i.e.: access to DMV vehicle ownership info.

The cost of routine Skip Tracing is $75 and is usually completed in 3-5 days.

Standard Private Investigator Searches are usually $175-$250.
Both services can be expedited.

Info Needed:

  1. Name, as complete as possible including suffixes, (Jr.-Sr.)

  2. Last known address

  3. At the minimum a third piece of identification: i.e.; DOB, SSN, Drivers License number, etc.

Talk to one of our Research Tech's and help complete the "Subject Information Questionnaire" This 10 minutes spent talking with our tech by phone is one of the most important steps in locating your skip. Please have as much known info about the skip readily available when calling.

A routine skip will begin in 2-3 days and usually takes several days unless we get an immediate hit.

Skip searches may include but are not limited to:

  1. Property searches, business entity searches, mail forwarding, social media sites, Civil and Criminal Court cases, Jails/Prisons, Military, Vocational Licensing agencies, SSN search, phone searches, National Data Services, various directories and the USPS.



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